Scheme Of Studies


English, II Language (Hindi/Tamil) Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Moral Instruction, Work Experience, Art, Music and Computer Science.


English, II Language (Hindi/Tamil), III Language (Hindi/Tamil), Mathematics, Integrated Science, History, Geography, Work Experience, Computer Science and Art Education.
1. Life Skills for Class VI,VII and VIII
2. Disaster Management for Class VIII


English, II Language (Hindi/Tamil/French), III Language (Hindi/Tamil), Mathematics, Social Science (History, Geography, Civica and Economics), Integrated Science, Work Experience, Computer Science and Art Education.

Shree Gugans How It All Began

The story of SHREE GUGANS is the story of how one man’s vision was transformed through his dedication and perseverance in the face of odds, through the support of parents and students as well as the community at large, into a premier institution providing quality education in Chennai. An architect by profession Mr.K.Jaganmohan., G.D., Arch., AIIA, the founder of SHREE GUGANS, begin a play group cum preparatoty school in 05th June 2005.SHREE GUGANS has grown leaps and bounds under her stewardship.

With just 5 pupils on its roll then, SHREE GUGANS moved to present building with spacious, well ventilated and well lit class rooms with wide corridors designed by him to provide students with right atmosphere for learning. Drawn from all part of the country, the students of SHREE GUGANS have found, a common ground of trust and friendship, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Taking the reins from her father Mrs.S.Jayavanthini., Correspondent,SHREE GUGANS with her commitment towards higher quality education at an affordable cost also ensuring education provided is in tune with latest transformation happening in education field.

Group lesson in pleasent atmosphere
Lessons with native
Real talk. Real life
100% satisfaction

Important Note on Admission

Fees and other payments whatsoever once made under any head will not be refunded under any circums tance. therefore parents are advised to think properly before they take a decision to pay, as there is no provision to refund, this matter cannot be discussed ina remote chance of withdrawal after the payment recommendations of any kind from any individual /agency/ department will attra ct disqualification and such applications will summarily be rejected without consideration

Co-Scholastic Activities.

The School has organized a network of co-scholastic activities to draw out and develop the varied talents of pupils. Proper encouragement is given to pupils in the matter of Physical Education, Work Experience, Literary Activities, Science Club, and Visual Education.

School has its own vast play ground for Games & Sports. In addition to these creative activities, we also have Public Speaking & Motivational Classes, Coaching for Chess and Band Set.

Working Hours of School

"Life Skills for Class VI, VII and VIII & Disaster Management for Class X"